Zeus Made The Land and People made the City


In the beginning Zeus made the land and then people made the city.

That is why land is so valuable.

Todays land price will be at least double within 5 years.

So if you have som money dont keep it into bank.

Buy a land. If you even sell after 5 years you will get double price.

The problem in buying land is document. We are here to assist you with any of your requirement.

We do everything you need to buy your land profitably.

When you will sell then again we can sell it for you.

Treat us as your partner for land buy sell.

We will do everything for you with a minimum charges.

E-mail us to get some idea of prices that will surely match your budget.

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Do You Need a Land for Home or Housing or Industry?

.Íf you need a land for your home or housing or apartment business or Industry then we can help you. We have good lands for sale in all over Bangladesh includÍng all major cities like Ðhaka Çhittagong Coxs Bazar Sylhet Khulna Rajshahi Bogura Comilla ¡arishal faridpur etc. We have highly expensive land in Gulshan Banani Baridhara Dhanmondi and again the cheapest land in Dhaka near Ashulia in a price range from 1 lakh to 1 crore per Decimal. What ever your Budget is, where ever location you want we have land for you. If you need 1 decimal for small home due to your tight budget we can arrange it. Againif you need very big land for housing business or Flat apartment business or for Industry we have land for you.

Why you will choose us to buy lands?

You can choose us to buy lands because of the following of your benefit and advantages:

1. Most of the land brokers are less educated and self respect less and reputation less people. They will do everythÍng considering instant benefit without thinking long term effect. We are different. We are highly educated self respectful reputed people and we consider everything long term reputation. For example a brokerker will think to sell you whatever he has handy. He will not think your advantage. He will think only how he can get your money. He will loose interest on you if he has to show you many land one after another without your satisfaction. But we will show you until you choose one. It may be even 100s of lands. We will think long term like if we can finally match your expectation we will get a happy customer who will refer us to hÌs relatives and friends where we may get more business. we wÍll not think only our profit. Rather we will try to create a win win situation where both of us are benefited so that we can do more business wÍth you and your referrals. We do not think to make high profit per deal but finally get less number of deals. Rather we think to make reasonable less profit per deal but doing many deals so that total we can make good money. We will offer you after sales service like documentation update or any other assistance you may need becuuse we want more business from you and your referrals.
Íf they cheat you you will not get them to recover. Again law and order is not a matter for them as they are used to do it.

2. There are many other types of broker who are very rich and powerful. They make very high profit to cover their highly expensive office, managers, latest model pajero jeep. Again they are too powerful that if they do something wrong wïth you, you will have nothing to do. Even they have high influence on law and order to protect themselves even after doing misdeeds. They will treat you high before they take your money and will change themselves when your money enters into
Their pocket. If they cheat you you will Have to absorb it silently.
We keep our expenses very low. So we are happy with very low profit and you get advantage in rates.

So if you are thinking to buy a land please tell us about your budget. We will do the rest for you. There is no obligation if you do not buy even after seeing 100s of lands. We believe in long term. No matter if you do not buy now. We will be hopeful that someday we will make deal with you or any of your referrals. Again even if you do not buy but you need a help for anything may be document update or check we will do it for you. We believe in reputation and long term relationship. If we get an opportunity to serve you we believe that someday we may get a return from you. May be you will refer someone to us someday. Pls do not hesitate to communicate us anytime for anything.

M Yakub Chowdhury, Land Consultant E-mail myakubchy@ymail.com SMS or Phone 8801747400870 Address: F 106 School road, Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka 1215, Bangladesh.

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